About Umez Chambers

The Chambers of I.N. Umezuruike, SAN was founded by the late I.N. Umezuruike, SAN in 1965.
It is an international law firm that is based in Lagos and Aba in Nigeria. Chima Umezuruike, its Managing Partner, is a practicing member of the English Bar. In England, he practices from Clerksroom Chambers, 160 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2DQ. Mrs. Ijeoma Iboko, a senior associate of the firm, is also a practicing solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales.
The firm has a lot of clients in the UK, the US, Zambia, Israel and the Isle of Man.
We conduct cross-border litigation involving mainly England, Nigeria and Zambia in commercial cases, big money divorce cases, trusts and probate cases.
We conduct complex commercial litigation in the High Courts, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Nigeria.
We provide tax advice and conduct appeals at the Tax Appeal Tribunal.
We draft complex commercial and trust documents.
We guide clients through the complex and sometimes confusing procedure of drafting and registering documents at the Corporate Affairs Commission (the equivalent of the Companies House in Great Britain).
We prepare expert’s reports on Nigerian law. Chima Umezuruike, the Managing Partner, is a practising member of the Academy of Experts (expertise: Nigerian law) and practising member of the Expert Witness Institute (expertise: Nigerian law). He has given expert witness on Nigerian law in many courts in England. In February and September 2010, he gave expert evidence on Nigerian criminal law and constitutional law in a fraud and money laundering trial involving a former Governor of a State in Nigeria (James Ibori) in Southwark Crown Court. In February 2012, he gave expert evidence on Nigeria constitutional law on behalf of the Crown at the trial of the said James Ibori at Southwark Crown Court. Of the conflicting views of the experts, his was accepted by the Judge.
Chima Umezuruike has appeared as counsel in many cases in the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

He also appeared as counsel in the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom.

Our Commitment


Our dynamism and efficiency enables us to deliver quality legal services to our clients.

Timeliness and Attention

Umez Chambers Lawyers over the years have built a reputation for timeliness and proper attention to briefs. .


Our professionalism stems from the high standards we set for ourselves here at Umez Chambers .